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Founded in 1999, the company Slancho 99 EOOD (Single owner limited liability company) has established itself as one of the leading producers of high quality refined sunflower oil on the Bulgarian and European market.

We have gained the trust of our clients and business partners and their vote of confidence has clearly outlined our path towards further development and our future investment plans. The modern technology we use as well as our responsible approach towards the manufacturing processes, have transformed our business and given it a new image, fully consistent with the requirements of the European Union.

The quality of our final product is a constant, which complies fully with all legal regulations in the European Union and guarantees the delivery of a healthy product.

At this time, the company Slancho 99 EOOD owns its own production facilities, which include the following: workshops for bottling, industrial unit for manufacturing of PET preforms, workshop for manufacturing of PET bottles and a refinery for the processing of sunflower seeds into refined sunflower oil.

The excellent results, which the company has achieved since its establishment until now, demonstrate and ensure our leadership role in the vegetable oils market. In view of this great responsibility, we constantly strive to enforce the highest standards in the industry branch and to fulfil all expectations of our customers for a high-quality product at an affordable price.

Production facilities

Our modern production facilities are located in the outskirts of the city of Yambol. We have our own workshops designated for oil bottling as well as a workshop for manufacturing of PET preforms and PET bottles and a refinery for the processing of the sunflower seeds into refined sunflower oil.

The production buildings are fully compliant with the business activity of the company and the regulations and by-laws of the Ministry of Health. Strict hygiene requirements have been introduced in the production facilities, which must be observed both by the production personnel and visitors.

A team of highly qualified specialists is responsible for ensuring the strict observation of the technological processes.



The trademark “Slancho” holds a patent, valid in the entire European Union. The excellent characteristics of the product have earned it international recognition and success both on the Bulgarian and European market.

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